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What is this thing?

Planworld is a difficult thing to describe; you will have to experience it for yourself. It is probably of most value when you know someone who keeps a plan or if there are others who will be reading yours. It is much like a weblog in that it becomes your place to publish; however, the format and content are entirely up to you.

Planworld evolved at Amherst College throughout the 90s on a VMS cluster and continues to evolve during the zeros in a web-based form, much like this one. Grinnell College hosts a similar community, as does a group around Pensacola, FL ( If you think that your institution, business, or group of friends would benefit from something similar, please consider setting up a planworld node of your own.

This site serves two purposes: Firstly, it is a public demonstration of the planworld system. Secondly, it is an access point for planless interlopers (those who lack their own planworld node); using this, you can read friends' plans on other systems (such as Amherst planworld or without needing an account there.

The Software

Planworld has reached version 2.1.4. If you are interested in the source (sans up-to-date documentation), please email the dev team.

The development team (led by Seth Fitzsimmons) can be contacted by emailing dev(at)

Download an older release (1.1.3pl1)

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